superhero name:


-Kind of a dork.
-My favorite places are record stores and  sneaker shops.
-I’m comfortable talking about Legend of Zelda  and current fashion/tech trends.
-My mind is full of pop culture references.
-I can have a full conversation with Gifs.
-All Apple everything.
-Most of my tattoos are Star Wars related.
Professional video from my humble beginnings almost 4 years ago.
Amateur video told thru SnapChat stories. Everything you need to know about my personality in 5 minutes or less.🙈

Music dominates my life second to photography. I have more records at home than I’ll have time to listen to them all.  I love connecting with people thru music.  Enjoy this playlist if you need some background music while browsing the galleries 🙂


On the day of, I am quiet and observant but not in a creepy, shy, “that weird photographer in the corner” way. I will be people watching from the sidelines, but I will also trade dad jokes with your…dad. I’m a part of the day but I won’t interrupt the natural flow of things. I am in the moment and will respond creatively to what’s going on around me. I won’t have a list of photos to check off. I know what kind of details to take photos off and the rest of the day, I will be documenting it as it unfolds.

I’ve realized that what makes a story a really stunning story are the twists and turns that get your heart racing, the would-have-been-forgotten little in-between moments, the stuff that only the fly on the wall sees. That’s why I’m so obsessed with documenting dope weddings. My role as documentarian lets me be a friend, a creative, a photojournalist, and part of the background all at once, and I love what I do.

I could say something like “I will capture your love”, but I can only do that if the love is truly there. I’m not Steven Spielberg and you’re not Meryl Streep and Robert DeNiro (unless you really Meryl Streep, in which case, “hey boo!”) I can’t promise that I will help you fake it, BUT, if the love and passion is there, I CAN promise that I will catch your smiles, the flirty looks, and the dirty thoughts.

As for the wedding day, I can’t promise good weather nor that every little detail will be as planned (that’s the coordinators job 😉 ), but I can promise that I will bring positive, fun vibes and I will catch the nervous jitters just before it’s time to walk out, your father’s tears as he gives you away, your mother crying as you’re reading your vows, your nieces and nephews running around, your drunk uncle singing “Sweet Caroline”, your bridal party’s dance off to N’sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye”, and all the other things that will make your wedding day special. Small, large or elopement, Vera Wang or Anthropology, high heels or barefoot, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you guys are truly, passionately into each other and you’ve decided to take turn that passion into a commitment.