Hello World!

It has been a while since we posted anything on this blog and i wanted to update yall on what’s been going on in our life.

Lately we have been holding off from posting any weddings or sessions. The reason is because we are currently (once again) re-designing our website. We are actually re-desiging our whole look. Not too differently from where we are now. We’re just giving our brand a facelift! New site, logo, and other goodies 😉 So, we have past weddings and engagement sessions that we have been holding off from sharing because i want them to be part of the new site. So to our past brides…you’re blog post is coming soon 🙂

We could not be more excited about the changes that will be unfolding! We are working with some amazingly talented people to help us in our brand facelift.

But, until this new look is unveiled, i do not want to let this blog collect dust. So i am starting a new feature called {One Frame. One Thousand Words}

I will post a picture and describe the story behind it. Sort of a behind the scenes of an image. Hope you guys like it!

So this is the first image I selected, and it’s from Frankie and Rebekkah’s  beautiful St. Pete Beach wedding.

After the ceremony and family portraits, we moved on to the bridal party pictures. As Kristina is arranging the bridal party and taking pictures with them. I notice that Frankie is by himself on his phone. Something told me to take a picture of whatever he was doing with his phone. As it turns out, he was sending a very sweet “I Do” tweet to Rebekkah. I happened to catch it right before he hit send. Unfortunately, between the blazing sun, the over-protective iPhone cover, and the small text, you can’t really read it in the picture. After I took it, asked what he was doing and realized he was sending that tweet, I told him we should re-create this shot. But as it happens in most weddings, between the short amount of time for portraits and the excitement of the party, we never got around to re-creating it.

Although you can’t read it in this image, I still feel it is a very special shot, most importantly for Frankie and Rebbekah because they know the story behind the shot. It was a genuine moment that lasted maybe 5 seconds, and I was able to capture it for a lifetime.

Below the picture is a screenshot of the actual tweet!

Thanks for reading!

Love and Happiness,

Ector & Kristina

Frankie-St. Pete-Wedding-Photogrpahy-Tweet