Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday! Hope your having a great week. We are back today with another Blogroll Wednesday , where i share a top five blog post list from wedding blogs that i follow. I try to keep the posts related to tips and ideas for newly brides-to-be, and spread the to love to these amazing sites.

1.) First up is from Every Last Detail , its from her pro insight tips about making and mantaining a good wedding guest list. Great tips.

2.) Next up is from Green Wedding Shoes , great tips on food selections for your wedding.

3.) This next one is is from Brooklyn Bride , and its got some color inspiration for you. Its a post about gold. To be honest i’m actually never been much of a fan of gold except in very subtle applications. Now that i think about it, i really dont even have much gold jewlery. When it comes to metal jewelery, i prefer silver or white gold…and platinum, not that i can afford platinum 🙂 Only thing platinum in our house is my wedding ring, and that took a while to pay off lol.

4.) Number four on the list is another one from Green Wedding Shoes . I just really liked this post, its about styling your own bow tie. Really great idea, i’m actually going to try this soon.

5.) And the fif’ one on the list is from The Wedding Chicks . A post showcasing an awesome dress designer. I actually did not about Lindee Daniel until i saw this post…and now i’m big a fan. Love her dresses. She’s based out of California, all her dresses are eco-friendly and handmade in good ol’ USA. Check her out!

Hope you enjoyed the posts. Thanks for reading and have a great day!!!



so fabulous to be mentioned here! thank you very much! I hope the word can keep spread’in 🙂 xo

Hi Lindee! I will definitely help spread the word, your dresses are amazing!!! Love, Love, Love them! 😀