a Wedding Blog Compilation – BlogRoll Wednesdays

January 18, 2012

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Week 2 of BlogRoll Wednesdays. Saw some really cool and interesting stuff last week on the internets. So lets get it started 🙂

#1.) This first post comes from ONE WED and it’s about some of the regrets some Newlyweds shared with One Wed.

#2.) Next post comes from Every Last Detail . It’s a post with tips on how to make your wedding more Eco-Friendly.

#3.) Next up on the list is a post from Green Wedding Shoes with some DIY tips for your hair and make up while on your honeymoon.

#4.) Here is a DIY invitations post from Offbeat Bride . Really cool stuff!

#5.) Number 5 should have been number 1 to me… This next one is not really a blog post, but its a link to a petition that i think that anyone who cares about freedom of speech should sign. If you’re involved in any kind of social media or use the internet at all, you’ve probably seen all the protests against SOPA, most notably from Google and Wikipedia. I wont get into details here about what it is, but you can find out more about why this law is dangerous from . So please sign this petition from Google to help stop this act from going into effect.

Thanks for Reading! 🙂