We’re back this week for another Blogroll Wednesday! I’ve found some great posts over the week and i’m excited to share them. So if you’d like to hear it here it goes:

#1.) This first one is from Junebug Weddings showcasing Kirribilla’s new “I Do” dress line. Love these dresses! Sooo want one of the black ones 🙂

#2.) Second on the list is from Trendy Bride . This post is about some really cool ideas for alternative wedding guest books .

#3.) Third on the list is from Offbeat Bride with some cute ring bearer options. Really cute!

#4.) Next we have a blog post from Tickled Pink Brides . It’s a great post for anyone starting to plan their wedding and still havent chosen a venue. Really good tips on how to choose a venue, and there is a link to download a list of questions to ask when booking a venue.

#5.) Last but not least we have a post from Green Wedding Shoes with a chance to win a pair of shoes from ShoeMint . Information about the shoes and how to win are HERE . Really cute shoes and awesome idea!

Have a Great Week Everyone!!!



Ooh, thanks for these! You’re awesome.