A Wedding Blog Compilation – BlogRoll Wednesdays

January 11, 2012

Welcome to Wedding Blogroll Wednesdays!

Since I started really really doing wedding research last year while preparing our business, i’ve discovered some awesome blogs with great tips for the newly engaged.

When i got married 4 years ago, my research for planning our wedding was limited to magazines. I’ll admit back then my Google skills were not the best and i was just not an online person. If i logged into Facebook more than four times a week i would have considered my self socially active online. And while magazines are great, they dont give you the constant daily inspirations you get from the blogs.

So I decided to do a once a week “Best Of… ” on the wedding articles i find that i think are the most informative and inspirational for anyone starting to plan their wedding or anyone who likes to see cute wedding stuff.

#1. This first post is from Wedding Chicks . Its a White Wedding Flower Guide . I found this to be very cool, especially since i didn’t know the name of half these flowers..but know i want them all around the house 🙂

#2. This one is from Delightfully Engaged . It’s a round-up on really cool top hats from Etsy, just for fun

#3. Third post is from Green Wedding Shoes and oly ish i love these letterpress designs! I need to throw a big gala or something just so i can have an excuse to send invites like these. The designs are by Bella Figura . Love Love

#4. Next is a really cool post about alternative bouquets from Hot Pink Brides . I love these, if i could just have one or ten to use for styled photo shoots.

#5. Last but not least for this week comes a post from Every Last Detail . I had to share this just because its such a good piece of advice.